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PostSubject: LEAGUE RULES MUST READ   LEAGUE RULES MUST READ Icon_minitimeWed Dec 17, 2008 4:01 am

Social Summer Dota League Rules

Competition Method: 5 v 5 [Captains Mode] LYCAN AUTO BANNED

Game Version: DotA Allstars Latest Stable Map 6.57b -CM

Match Length: Until a winner is decided.

Match Winner: A match is won if the opponents ancient is destroyed, or if three or more opponents type forfeit and leave the game.

Games are be played on For stability reasons all hosts must be using Delay Reducer or List Checker.

All appeals of rules violation must be supported with replay and/or screenshots indicating the offensive actions. Its the appealers responsibility to provide the evidences. All appeals without evidence will not be looked at in any detail. You may contact an admin in regards to this.

All players who sign up in this tournament are expected to read, understand and respect these rules. Players who signed up also agree that the admins decisions are final and cannot be disputed. Admins reserve the rights to modify the rules in extreme cases.

Act mature and mannered both in-game and in the chat channels. Offending the administration and/or participants of this tournament will result in punishments and might lead to a complete ban from the league and/or website.

If a problem arises, then the team captains, or one designated player representing the team captain will solve the problem together with the administration of the tournament.

Teams should find a neutral host suitable for both teams. Make sure that you test the host for lag before the game commences.

If the teams cannot agree upon a host then the host will be decided by a coin flip conducted by an admin, or a –roll in game between the two captains ONLY.

The ban and pick period is set by the Captains mode there is to be no pauses during the period under any circumstances. Only the captains may speak in all during this period.

Team captains or vice captains must be available to contact ~15 minutes before the start of their match. Both teams have a maximum of 20 minutes to get there team in game after the initial starting time.

Team Captains must submit there results within 48hours failure to do so will lead to a forfeit if neither team submit there results then the game will be voided.

Team captains must save the replay and send them to immediately after the end of the match. The replays will be posted on the site and will be available for download by all teams. All teams must upload there replays at

If the game is loaded from a save then the replay can be found in the Warcraft 3 replays folder as "LastReplay.w3g". Rename it and give to an admin.

All teams signing must have a minimum 7 players and a maximum of 10 in the team roster. All names MUST match there in names

All players in game must match the name given on there team roster. Teams found to be using players which do not exist on there team roster or names simular but incorrect may lead to forfeiting there match.

All teams that are participating in the league must have there roster finalized before the start of the season. There will be no changes allowed during the course of the season. Any attempts to change the roster during the season may lead to disqualification.

Using a different Account other than entered in your team roster will almost definitely result in a harsh penalty.

A player is bound to one team throughout the whole season period. Playing for other teams will result in severe punishment both to the player and the teams.

If a player is found to be on several rosters, he has to inform an admin of which team he will play for before the tournament start. Failing to do so can result in severe punishment.

Backdooring: Backdooring of the FIRST TWO TOWERS is allowed, but normal backdooring rules apply to base towers (heroes may not attack these without creep support, however if they enter the base with creeps, they can freely go to the other towers from inside the base and attack the remaining towers)

Item Restrictions:

• Each team may only have two Necronomicons

• Each team may only have one Arcane Ring

• Each team may only two Guinsoo's Scythes

• Each team may only have one Eul's Scepter of Divinity

• It is allowed to share unit control to purchase items

Item Pooling: Item pooling of any sort is not permitted. Some items, however, may be shared between players from the same team. These items are:
• Ring of Regeneration
• Ring of Health
• Sobi Mask
• Void Stone
• Clarity Potion
• Flask of Sapphire Water
• Ancient Tango of Essifation
• Observer Wards
• Sentry Wards
• Scroll of Town Portal
• Gem of True Sight
• Cheese
• Animal Couriers
* Magic Stick
• Dust of appearance

If enemy player pick up items, the item is now considered his. The enemy hero who picked the dropped item is not allowed to give the item to his allies, he can use it during the game or he can sell it for gold.

If an allie player picks up an item, he must return the item to its owner without attacking/using it (not even neutral creeps), or he can place the item near the fountain so the owner can take it.

It is not allowed to purposefully suicide to drop an item for another player.

It is not allowed to block creeps with the help of spells, such as fissure, sprout etc. it is only allowed to use the hero model to intercept with creeps.

Remember that each team may have in total 2 Necronomicon, 1 Arcane Ring, 1 Euls, 2 Guinsoos. If the item limit has already been reached by the team who picked the item, they have to sell it for gold.

It is not allowed to take advantage of game bugs. Serious penalties will apply.

Any team has the right to set the game on pause, teams have a total of 10mins of pause to using during the game, The match will resume with a proper count down of at least 5 seconds after checking everyone is ready.
( teams should take these oppurtunities to save the game )

Teams will be asked to save their games frequently during a match in order to compensate for disconnects.

If a player disconnects before 15 minutes you must re-load the game, teams only have 5minutes for there player to rejoin the game or find a sub. If a player disconnects again from the same team the game must continue.

If you remake the game all players choose excatly the same heroes and same items. Additionally all heroes must be in the same lane as they choose for the first game and all wards have to be placed on the same places or not placed. After creepcontact on the lane you can change lanes

If a player disconnects and the game you are allowed to EITHER use the hero and his items as they are OR sell all items from the hero itself ONLY.You are not allowed to take the items and sell them from another hero than the leaver. Please note that this rule does NOT forbid that you teamsell and use the leaver without items - you are always allowed to use a hero from a disconnected player. Any player found selling items himself will be suspended for 1 match further more giving his team an auto loss.

The administration is there to plan, guarantee and maintain a fair run of the tournament. In case of a dispute, the administration will take the case with both team captains.

The SSDL administration will always act in the interest of the tournament, fair play, the players and the spectators. The goal is to prevent default losses and guarantee an exciting league for everybody. However the rulings will be strict depending on the intentions and behaviors of the teams involved in a dispute.

The administration can be reached in the wdy clan channel on
(/join clan wdy) or via the forums at

Abusive and disrespectful behavior towards admins and other participants will be punished with all severity.

SSDL staff remain the right to request to referee any of the matches during the course of the season and will be reffing all of the finals matches.

Lycan is now autobanned
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