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 Hosts that are recommended

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Hosts that are recommended Empty
PostSubject: Hosts that are recommended   Hosts that are recommended Icon_minitimeWed Dec 17, 2008 5:15 am

Hosts that you can ask to host your game for you:

West Account: WiNdWaLkAh
Connection: Telstra Max DL, Max UL
Third Party: List Checker
Contact Number: (021) 02472105

West Accnt: Tangerine
Connection: Xtra T1.413 issue 2, 3808 DL, 864 UL
Third Party: List Checker
Contact Number: Private Razz

West Accnt: BV-m1LkmaN
Connection: TPG ADSL2+ about 3k DL, 800 UL
Third Party: LC/ DR
Contact Number: M1lkman wats ur #? Razz


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Hosts that are recommended
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